Past Exam for HIST 2112 - US History since 1865 with Webb at Macon State (MSC)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam 1
Class:HIST 2112 - US History since 1865
University:Macon State College
Term:Spring 2011
  • Irrepressible
  • Craft Union
  • Grandfather
  • Assassination
  • Ethnic Enclaves
  • Sitting Bull
  • Political Rights
  • Atlanta Compromise
  • Speaker of the House
  • Due Process of Law
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Sample Document Text

Study Sheet: History 2112 1. Wade-Davis Bill a. Radical republicans b. Required that the majority of white male citizens declare their allegiance and that only those who could make an ?ironclad? oath attesting to their past loyalty could vote or serve in the state constitutional conventions. c. The conventions would abolish slavery, exclude from political rights high-ranking civil and military officers of the Confederacy, and repudiate (reject) debts incurred during the conflict d. Lincoln vetoed the bill; pocket Veto 2. Presidential Reconstruction : 1863 a. Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction: i. States could rejoin the Union once 10% of state residence; male white who voted in 1860 took oath of allegiance and received presidential pardon. ii. Swear to support laws and proclamations dealing with emancipation iii. Excluded Confederate officials, senior officers who left federal posts to serve the South and those accused of poor treatment of Black soldiers...

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