Past Exam for CHEM 135 - GEN CHEM FOR ENGINEERS with Miller at Maryland (UMD)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam 1
University:University of Maryland
Term:Fall 2005
  • Unauthorized
  • Provided That
  • In/on/at a Place
  • Electronegativity
  • Continued...
  • On the Ground
  • Configuration
  • Ground State
  • Honor Pledge
  • Quantum Numbers
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Sample Document Text

CHEM 135 Exam 1 30 September 2005 Dr. Miller NAME (PRINT) _____ _ 2:00 P.M. tI' your section: 6221 6241 SHOW ALL OF YOUR WORK! 6223__ 6225 __ _ 624:3__ 6245 __ If you must continue your work on a problem in another place, please indicate in the space provided for the question where your work is continued. When an answer space is provided, please write your answer in that space. Otherwise, clearly mark your answers. You may remove the periodic table attached as the last page of the exan1 if you wish, but please do NOT separate the pages of the Exam. HONOR PLEOCE WORDING: I PLEDGE ON MY HONOR THAT I HAVE NOT GIVEN OR RECEIVED ANY UNAUTHORIZED ASSISTANCE ON THIS EXAMINATION. PLACE TO WRITE HONOR PLEDGE BY HAND: ------------------------------------- PLACE FOR SIGNATURE OF STUDENT 1. ___ /27 2. /16 -"-- 3. ___ j24 4. ___ /22 5. ___ /11 TOTAL: ____ /100 1. (27 pts) a. Write the complete ground state electron configuration (ls22s ... ) for each of the following ato...

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