Past Exam for STA 291 - STATISTICAL METHOD at Kentucky (UK)

Exam Information

Material Type:Final
University:University of Kentucky
Term:Spring 2006
  • Distribution
  • Entire Population
  • Affiliation
  • Observations
  • Probabilities
  • Following Statements
  • Controversy
  • Multiple Choice
  • Populations
  • Neighborhood
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Sample Document Text

Please turn off your cell phone. For full credit, please show all of your work. 1 Name: _______________________ Section: _________ Student ID: __________ STA291 001-012 Final Exam May 3, 2006 1. Consider the following sample drawn from some population: 62 63 63 64 65 67 68 69 73 74 79 80 86 92 99 a) [3 points] Find the five number summary (min, 1Q , median, 3Q , and max) for this data. b) [3 points] Give a stem-and-leaf plot for this data. c) [3 points] The overall shape of the distribution in the above stem-and-leaf plot is (Multiple Choice, Circle the correct answer) (i) clearly symmetric (ii) clearly right-skewed (skewed towards the higher values) (iii) clearly left-skewed (skewed towards the lower values) (iv) no clear shape 2. [3 points] In Canada in 1981, for the categories Catholic, Protestant, Eastern Orthodox, Jewish, None, Other f...

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