Past Exam for CIVL 130 - Fluid Mechanics I with Saviz at University of the Pacific (UP)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam 2
Class:CIVL 130 - Fluid Mechanics I
Subject:Civil Engineering
University:University of the Pacific
Term:Fall 2008
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CIVL 130 - FLUID MECHANICS FALL 2008 MIDTERM 2 ~ame: ~ ~ovember 21,2008 PART 1: (32 pts) Closed book/notes. You may not use a calculator or the FE equation sheet in this part. When you have completed this part, turn it in and pick up Part 2. 1. (4 points each) Circle all that apply. Some questions may have more than one appropriate answer. a. You are asked to select a pipe to carry flow between two points. To minimize head loss, you should select a: i. small diameter, smooth pipe ii. small diameter, rough pipe @ large diameter, smooth pipe iv. large diameter, rough pipe b. Minor (local) losses through valves, fittings, bends, etc., are modeled as proportional to : i. elevation head cD velocity head iii. pressure head iv. total head c. The hydraulic grade line represents Q Piezometric head ii. Elevation head only (i!C:Elevation head plus Pressure head iv. Elevation head plus Pressure head plus Velocity head d. The Reynolds ~umber i. Affects the friction factor ...
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