Past Exam for ECN 001A - Princ Of Microecon at UC Davis (UCD)

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Material Type:Mid-Term
Class:ECN 001A - Princ Of Microecon
University:University of California - Davis
Term:Fall 2010
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~~'-{')\" 21 October 2010 feN lA, Exam 1 ~ f\ f\ ~ Multiple Choice Please answer each question by selecting the best answer from the choices presented 1. Society's core economic problem is a. the role of government in the economy h. a scarcity efland, labor, and machinery to produce goods arid services c. the federal budget deficit d. an unequal distribution of income e. low living standards 2. A physician's knowledge and skills are referred to by economists as a. human capital h. labor c. physical capital d, entrepreneurship e. inteUectual raw materials 3. Suppose that the following headlines appeared a newspaper. Which would most clearly in represent a macroeconomic issue? a. \"Central Bank Raises Interest Rates\" h. \"Auto Dealership to Cut Prices\" c. \"Patuly's Freeze Dried Prunes to Lay Off 50 Workers\" d. \"United Workers Union to Strike April 15\" e. \"Brazilian Coffee Bean...
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