Past Exam for CMSC 420 - Data Structures at Maryland (UMD)

Exam Information

Material Type:Mid-Term
Class:CMSC 420 - Data Structures
Subject:Computer Science
University:University of Maryland
Term:Fall 2002
  • Manipulation
  • Total Number
  • Comparisons
  • Memory Location
  • Partial Credit
  • Description
  • Square Matrix
  • Data Processing
  • Probability.
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Sample Document Text

Midterm Exam, CMSC 420, Fall 2002 Name: Instructions: . Leave at least one empty seat between you and each of the other students. . This exam is open book, open notes (and closed neighbor :-) . Each question is worth 5 points, for a total of 100 points. . If you want any partial credit for wrong answers, you need to show your work. . Write only on the test sheets. If you run out of room, write on the back of the last page. Problem 1. Professor Prune has created an algorithm that does some kind of computation on an array. If the algorithm is called on an array of size n, then the number of comparison operations done by the algorithm will vary depending on which array of size n, but it will always be a number in the interval from 2n2 ?n to n3 + 2n?1, inclusive. 1. Let Cbest(n) and Cworst(n) be the worst-case and best-case values for the number of compar- isons done by the algorithm. Below, circle each true statement: Cbest(n) = O(n2) Cbest(n) = ?(n2) Cbest(n) = ?(n2) Cbest(n) = O(n2 lgn) Cbest(n) ...

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