Past Exam for CHEM 231 - Organic Chemistry I at Maryland (UMD)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam 1
Class:CHEM 231 - Organic Chemistry I
University:University of Maryland
Term:Spring 2001
  • Provided That
  • Behind (of)
  • Stereochemistry
  • Isoelectronic
  • Conformation
  • Spectroscopy
  • Stereoisomers
  • Configuration
  • Molecular Formula
  • On the Ground
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Sample Document Text

University of Maryland, College Park Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Organic Chemistry I CHEM 233 - Dr. I~verett - Lecture Test #1 February 22,2001 NAME (print) Section # SIGNATURE __________ _ LabTA The following test consists of ~ questions of various values totaling 150 points on Q pages (front and back). Read each question carefully. Recognize all parts and answer each completely but concisely in the space provided. You have a minimum of 60 minutes for this test. All papers must be submitted no later than 1 :45 PM. Points Deducted Page 1 (34 pts.) -- Page 2 (24 pts.) -- Page 3 (27 pts.) -- Page 4 (18 pts.) -- Page 5 (27 pts.) -- Page 6 (20 pts.) Final Grade: -- Total Points Off ___ /150 pts. => CHEM 233 - Organic Chemistry I - Test #1 1. a. Give the ground-state electron configuration for oxygen. [2 pts.] b. How many electrons does oxygen have in its valence shell? [2 pts.] c. How many covalent bonds and unshared (non-bonding) electron pairs are...

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