Past Exam for MATH 100 - Intro Quantitative Reasoning at Hollins University (HOLL)

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Material Type:Exam
Class:MATH 100 - Intro Quantitative Reasoning
University:Hollins University
Term: 2000
  • Earthquake Magnitude
  • Credit Card
  • Compound Interest
  • You Have...
  • Growth Rate
  • Simple Interest
  • Quantitative
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Review Chapters 4 & 8 Topics: • How numbers deceive (section 3E) • Simple interest • Compound interest • APY • Savings plans • Loan payments • Growth: linear vs exponential • Real population growth • Logarithmic scales 1. How much could you save if you purchased a $1000 5-year savings certificate that paid 5% compounded quarterly? 2. What is the value after 15 years if you deposit $5000 for your child’s education and the interest is guaranteed at 16% compounded continuously? 3. Suppose that you invest $2000 in an account with an APR of 5.9% compounded daily. What is the APY? 4. Suppose a sobriety test is 95% accurate. Of the 1000 drinking drivers tested, only 75 actually were above the legal limit. Complete the table below. What percent of the legally intoxicated drivers were not identified by the sobriety test? drunk ‘not drunk’ Total Sobriety test + Sobriety test – Total 1,000 5. Suppose you see a car with an advertised price o...

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