Past Exam for ISCI 2001 - Life/Earth Science with Heard at West Georgia (UWG)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam 1
Class:ISCI 2001 - Life/Earth Science
Subject:Integrated Science
University:University of West Georgia
Term:Fall 2010
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1. Characteristics of Living organisms Which of the following is not a characteristic of living things? Student Response Correct Answer A. Living things convert energy from one form to another. B. Living things are part of populations that evolve. C. Living things allow their internal environment to match the conditions of the external environment. D. Living things develop and grow. 2. Macromolecules needed for life Cellulose, the macromolecule that make up a plant's cell wall, is a Student Response Correct Answer A. lipid B. carbohydrate C. protein D. nucleic acid 3. Macromolecules needed for life 2 Nucleic acids Student Response Correct Answer A. store genetic information in living organisms. B. consists of folded strings of amino acids. C. store energy in living organisms. D. act as hormones that allow cells to communicate with one another. 4. prote...
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