Past Exam for PHY 1455 - Descriptive Astronomy with Russell at Baylor (BU)

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Material Type:Exam 3
Class:PHY 1455 - Descriptive Astronomy
University:Baylor University
Term:Spring 2010
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Test 1 1. Galileo found ____ that challenged the geocentric world view: --Jupiter?s moons 2. A dark line found in a spectrum is? --Absorption line spectrum 3. When a planet spins on its axis it is called rotation. --true 4. When a planet is between earth and sun it is called? --Inferior conjunction 5. The velocity towards you or away from you is? --radial 6. A recognized grouping of stars in the sky is a? --constellation 7. When we say the moon is waxing, it is? --growing 8. Wavelength is the distance from crest to crest --true 9. Kepler?s 1 st perfect circles Law states that planets move in ellipses, not --true 10. The lunar cycle takes about 29.5 days to complete --true 11. Lunar Eclipses can only occur when the moon is? --full 12. This Greek supported the heliocentric view --Aristarchus 13. Of the following, ____ has the shortest wavelength. --ultraviolet 14. Light...
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