Past Exam for MATH 145 - Liberal Arts Mathematics at San Mateo County Community College District Office (SMCCD)

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Material Type:Exam 1
Class:MATH 145 - Liberal Arts Mathematics
University:San Mateo County Community College District Office
Term: 2006
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Math 145 Test 1 Chapters 1 and 2 Study Sheet In Class Portion Your first test will consist of questions (4) from homework or from classroom lecture or activities, and questions from the following list (2). You may bring one 3x5 card to the test with notes. You should pre-prepare answers so that the ideas are in your head. . Eighty thousand people attended The University of Texas versus Texas A&M football game. The fans of both teams were so happy, they decided to organize a party each day for a year. They decided that on each day, anyone with their birthday on that day would return to the stadium at noon to celebrate. Why would at least one party have more than 200 people? Be sure to name and discuss the mathematical concepts behind your solution. . Each box of animal crackers contains two servings; each serving consists of exactly 12 crackers. There are exactly 18 different shapes of crackers. Are there always two crackers of the same shape in each box? Explain why or ...

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