Past Exam for COMP 380 - DATA STRUCTURES I at Wentworth Institute of Technology (WIT)

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Material Type:Final
Subject:Computer Science
University:Wentworth Institute of Technology
  • Integer Value
  • Following List
  • Definitions
  • Substitutions
  • Following Statements
  • Short Answers
  • Binary Search
  • Professional
  • Derived Class
  • Data Structure
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Sample Document Text

NAME___________________________________________________ Wentworth Institute of Technology Division of Professional and Continuing Studies COMP380 Section 71 - Data Structures I - Spring, 2006 P1 P2 Total Final – Open Book Short Answers – 5 points each. 1. (a)Declare an enumerated class called “Emotion”. Have the items in this class be “happy”, “sad”, “angry”. (b) Write an enhanced for loop that prints out the values of Emotion 2. Add the appropriate items to the below diagram to make it into a stack. 3. List the methods (include the return datatypes and arguments with datatypes) that need to be implemented in order for a class to implement the List interface 4. Put a checkmark next to the LEGAL statements below (T is a Generic datatype indicator): ______T item = new T(); ______public class TwoTypes ______public > void aMethod(T anItem) ______anArray = new T[n]; ______static T getMax(T a, T b); 5. Write the “Big-O” running time nota...

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