Past Exam for PSCI 1014 - US Gov & Politics with Walcott at Virginia Tech (VT)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam 2
Class:PSCI 1014 - US Gov & Politics
Subject:Political Science
University:Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University
Term:Fall 2002
  • Caucus (political)
  • Private Interest
  • Endorsements
  • Frontloading
  • Primary Elections
  • In/on/at a Place
  • Dealignment
  • Public Interest Group
  • Consequence
  • Proportional Representation
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Sample Document Text

Political Science 1014 Fall 2002 Exam#2 -FormA Fill in the letter of the correct answer on your answer sheet. 1. The "hydraulic principle" refers to a. the way political parties adapt to changing public opinion. b. the way money flows into political campaigns. c. the way interest groups are created and destroyed. d. the way election participation rises and falls. 2. The fact that the u.s. uses the single-member-district, winner-take-all system of elections is an important helps to explain why a. voting turnout is lower than in other countries. b. interest groups have become important in campaigns. c. political "machines" have become commonplace. d. there have been only two major political parties: 3. The National Rifle Association and Operation Rescue are cited in your text as examples of a a. multiple-issue, private interest group. ( b. single-issue, private interest group. c. single-issue, public interest group. d. multiple-issue, public interest group. 4. The purpo...

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