Past Exam for NSC 309 - SCI RSRCH/ACADEMIA/INDUSTRY at Texas (UT)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam 1
Subject:Natural Sciences
University:University of Texas - Austin
Term:Spring 2008
  • Circumstances
  • Assumptions
  • Possible Points
  • Exceptional
  • Association
  • Relationship
  • Variability
  • Opportunity
  • Total Possible Points
  • Class Questions
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Sample Document Text

Division of Statistics & Scientific Computation NSC 309: Introduction to Statistics Spring 2008 Unique #49305 Instructor: Dr. Cathy Stacy Email: cstacy@mail.utexas.edu Office Phone: 232-0697 Weekly Office Hours: Office: PAI 3.04 Time: Mon 12-1pm & Wed 2-3 pm (or by appointment) Exam Office Hours: All of these sessions are held in WCH 1.108 and replace regular office hours. Exam 1: Exam 2: Exam 3: Exam 4: Mon 2/4 at 12-1pm Fri 2/29 at 2-3pm Fri 4/4 at 2-3pm Mon 4/28 at 12-1pm & & & & Wed 2/6 at 2-3 pm Mon 3/3 at 12-1pm Mon 4/7 at 12-1pm Wed 4/30 at 2-3pm Teaching Assistant: Cynthia Austin Email: cynthia.austin@mail.utexas.edu Office: Office Hours: Blackboard (Bb): http://courses.utexas.edu Announcements, course handouts, lecture notes, exam materials, grades and discussion boards will be posted on the course blackboard site. If you have a question about the course, please check Bb before emailing the instructor or the TA. Software (Excel) You need access to a statistical software package to com...

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