Past Exam for BADM 4311 - International Business Mgmt at Concordia University Texas (CUT)

Exam Information

Material Type:Final
Class:BADM 4311 - International Business Mgmt
Subject:Business Administration
University:Concordia University Texas
Term:Spring 2008
  • Collaboration
  • Alexander Graham Bell
  • Selection Process
  • Opportunity
  • Concentration
  • Perspective
  • Cooperation
  • Organization
  • Great Discoveries
  • Recognition
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Sample Document Text

Concordia University Texas Volume 3, Issue 4 February 15, 2008 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS NEWSLETTER Speaker Series: Only Two Left on This Campus Be sure to take advantage of hearing from and meeting two prominent business people from the Austin area over the coming months. On March 6, Rob Hutton of DR Horton Homes, will discuss how his business has weathered the downturn in the housing mar- ket as well as how people be- come successful through men- toring. Corey Bell, CEO of TriFusion, will be on campus Thursday, April 3 to talk about how his faith informs his lead- ership practice. Corey was recently chosen as the Under 40 Austinite of the Year. In addition to his day job, Corey also directs the Men's Ministries at Celebration Church. Both of these events begin at 11:30 AM and are held in the Beto Aca- demic Center Lecture Hall. Spend Your Lunch With...Speaker Series Rob Hutton, President, D.R. Horton Homes March 6, 2008 ...

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