Past Exam for BCIS 3610 - Basic Information Systems with White at North Texas (UNT)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam 2
Class:BCIS 3610 - Basic Information Systems
Subject:Business Computers and Information Systems
University:University of North Texas
Term:Fall 2009
  • Document Management System
  • Sequestering
  • A-B-a Design
  • Access Controls
  • Objective Data
  • Convenience
  • Immediately
  • Organization
  • Surveillance
  • Social Engineering
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Sample Document Text

BCIS 3610 EXAM 2 1. A secure version of the HTTP protocol for confidential transactions is____. a. HTTPs (secure) c. SHHTTP b. HTTPSc d. HTTPS+ 2. _____ determines the look and location of text pictures, animation and other elements of a web page. a. Extensive language c. (Didn’t get answer) b. Hyper text language (HTML) d. (Didn’t get answer) 3. Every time you download a file from a web site or attach files to e-mail you are using _____ application. a. TCP c. FTP b. NNTP d. POP 4. _____ might be thought of as “real-time e-mail” because, unlike e-mail it is synchronous. a. Instant mailing (IM) c. instant messaging (IM) b. Intimate mailing (IM) d. messaging (M) 5. _____ includes cookies and other, more sophisticated applications that are installed on your computer unbeknownst to you and transmit information about you while you are online. a. Spyware c. Pirateware b. Spycookies d.Pirateutilities 6. A(n) _____ is a network used only by the employees of an organization. a. Extranet c. Internet b. Intranet...

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