Past Exam for POLS 4111 - American Presidency with Cavalli at North Georgia (NGCSU)

Exam Information

Material Type:Final
Class:POLS 4111 - American Presidency
Subject:Political Science
University:North Georgia College & State University
  • Institutional Presidency
  • Presidential Power
  • Institutionalized
  • Institutional
  • Similarities
  • Perspective
  • Affiliation
  • The President
  • Differences
  • Relationship
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P LO S 414111/6111: T HEA MMERICANPR EESID NCY Potential Questions for the Final Exam The exam will consist of three of these questions. Your answers will be limited to a total of one exam booklet. Each question is worth 33 points. When answering the questions, be sure to explicitly address each part of the question. octastar4octastar4octastar4 1. Has the 'help' (as in "The President needs help.") helped? Using several class readings, discuss the value of the institutional presidency... a. (20 points) Using both John Burke's chapter 14 in Nelson ("The Institutional Presidency"), and Neustadt's own chapter 7 ("Men in Office"), discuss the purpose of the help and describe the help the president has/can get. b. (13 points) Using David E. Lewis's chapter 15 in Nelson ("The Presidency and the Bureaucracy"), Neustadt's chapter 7, and any other (specifically noted) class material (since the second exam), discuss whether or not you think the 'help' afforded the institutionalized presi...

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