Past Exam for PHYS 135B - College Physics II with Zorba at Whittier College (WHIT)

Exam Information

Material Type:Mid-Term
Class:PHYS 135B - College Physics II
University:Whittier College
  • Point Charges
  • Electrostatic Force
  • Orientation
  • Snell's Law
  • Distribution
  • Electric Field
  • Electric Field Vector
  • Speed of Light
  • External Force
  • Electrostatic
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1 Phys 135B Midterm 1 Solutions Be neat and show all work to get full credit 1-Two mirrors meet at a 110, as shown below. If light rays strike one mirror at 50 from the horizontal, at what angle do they leave the second mirror? 2- Say you wish to determine the depth of a swimming pool filled with water by measuring the width (x = 5.50 m) and then noting that the bottom edge of the pool is just visible at an angle of 14.0 above the horizontal as shown below. Calculate the depth of the pool. n air = 1, n w a t e r = 1.33. Using Snell's law: 3- The speed of light in a certain substance is 85% of its value in water. What is the index of refraction of this substance? 4- A 2.20-cm-high insect is 1.20 m from a diverging lens whose focal length is 135 mm. (a) Draw the ray diagram. Using the lens equation, determine (b) the image position, (c) its height, and (d) its orientation and type? (a) (b) ? ? ? (c) (...

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