Past Exam for CH E 441 - Chemical Kinetics and Reactor Engineering with Rockstraw at New Mexico State (NMSU)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam 2
Class:CH E 441 - Chemical Kinetics and Reactor Engineering
University:New Mexico State University-Main Campus
Term:Spring 2005
  • Solicitation
  • Assumptions
  • Substituting
  • Temperature
  • Stoichiometry
  • Surroundings
  • Concentration
  • Responsibility
  • Consumption
  • Selectivity
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Sample Document Text

D.A. Rockstraw, Ph.D., P.E. NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY Department of Chemical Engineering CHE 441 - Chemical Kinetics and Reactor Engineering Spring 2005, Exam 2 Full Name (please print) Social Security Number By my signature, I attest that the work contained within this exam is a result of my own efforts. I did not receive, provide, or supplicate assistance from anyone during the course of this examination. Further, I understand that if found guilty of ethical violations regarding my solution to this exam, I will be punished to the maximum extent allowable described under "Academic Misconduct" in the NMSU Student Handbook. I understand the "Student Code of Conduct" provides policies and procedures that will be followed by the faculty member adminstering this examination should an accusation be made by the exam proctor or a fellow student. Finally, I accept and agree to fulfill my responsibility to report (in writing) to the supervising professor should I obs...

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