Past Exam for CHEM 20A - Chemical Structure at UC Los Angeles (UCLA)

Exam Information

Material Type:Final
Class:CHEM 20A - Chemical Structure
University:University of California - Los Angeles
Term:Winter 2009
  • Energy Levels
  • Bond Length
  • Transitions
  • Differences
  • Consequences
  • Chemistry Class
  • Configuration
  • Wavefunction
  • On the Ground
  • Particle in a Box
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Sample Document Text

First Name: Student ID #: Problems 1) 50 pts.: 2) 50 pts.: 3) 50 pts.: 4) 50 pts.: 5) 50 pts.: 6) 50 pts.: 7) 50 pts.: 8) 50 pts.: Total pts.: Chemistry 20A Winter 2009 Final Exam, March 19 Last Name: Section: 1. The standard "explain this" problems. a. Draw the symmetric and asymmetric stretching vibrations for the water molecule. b. What does the M in MASER represent? c. Draw potential curves and explain the harmonic oscillator approximation for a real molecule. d. What does VSEPR mean? e. Can the electrons in an ionic bond be delocalized with respect to the atomic positions? f. Explain acronyms HOMO and LUMO. ;}j~H (lScSY\ nu1r I c:... b) Iv1 ; cr-OLuo. V ~ c) '" /1 ,I .w.. : 'Re.. NellI(" R = Re, 'i,he eff' L, b VI U t11 be ncI I efIJ 'fh ) '+he hatmoru ~ o'S~ I law afpYOX' md:b Ol\.. of ~he po+en-bo1 1S close -to '+hG real mo\etl-lllLrpote.ntlClL dJ V~\U1~ She \ I (iec.ir(jr\. -raj r-ĚR~pu.lsiorL e) tVo ~ fu e\ee-\-tM\S cUre \oclll...

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