Past Exam for JB 2013 - PRINC OF ADVERTISING with Kelsey at Oklahoma State (OSU)

Exam Information

Material Type:Final
Subject:Journalism and Broadcasting
University:Oklahoma State University - Stillwater
Term:Fall 2009
  • Horizontal Marketing System
  • Creative Boutique
  • Rough Layout
  • Media-Buying Services
  • Indirect Distribution
  • Lead Paragraph
  • Affirmative Disclosure
  • Trade Advertising
  • Media Strategy
  • Doing All of the Above
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Sample Document Text

Chapter 1 Multiple Choice Questions August 2009 26. As a consumer you are exposed to hundreds and maybe even thousands of commercial messages every day. These messages may appear in the mass media, as event sponsorships, telemarketing calls, or even as e-mails. The correct term for all these commercial messages is: A) advertising. B) marketing communications. C) sales promotions. D) image advertising. E) direct-response advertising. _____ is the structured and composed non-personal communication of information, usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature, about products (goods, services, and ideas) by identified sponsors through various media. A) Marketing B) Publicity C) Advertising D) Promotion E) Imagery Advertising: A) has an identifiable sponsor B) is non-personal communication C) is a very structured form of applied communication D) is primarily designed to be persuasive. E) is accurately described by all of the above For A) B) C) D) E) a message to be considered an advertisement, its sponsors mus...

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