Past Exam for ACCT 209 - SURVEY OF ACCT PRIN at Texas A&M (A&M)

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Material Type:Exam
University:Texas A&M University
Term:Fall 2005
  • Faculty Members
  • Circumstances
  • Additional Material
  • Provided That
  • Assumptions
  • Combination
  • Different Models
  • Dummy Variables
  • Temperature
  • Complete Answers
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Sample Document Text

1 METHODS QUALIFYING EXAM JANUARY 2005 INSTRUCTIONS, 1. DO NOT put your NAME on the exam. Place the NUMBER assigned to you on t he UPPER LEFT HAND CORNER of EACH PAGE of your exam. 2 . Please start your answer to EACH QUESTION on a SEPARATE sheet of paper. 3. Answer all the questions. 4. Be sure to attempt all parts of every question. It may be possible to answer a later part of a question without having solved the earlier parts. 5. Be sure to hand in all of your exam. No additional material will be accepted once the exam has ended and you have left the exam room. 2 PROBLEM # 1, Three different experimental situations are described below. Provide the information requested for each. A. A study is conducted to examine the effects of three different room temperatures and absence or presence of background noise on the performance of students taking an exam. A total of 48 students are available for the study, with the midterm exam score available for each student. Eight studen...

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