Past Exam for MATH 126 - Basic Calculus at Bowling Green (BGSU)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam 1
Class:MATH 126 - Basic Calculus
Subject:Mathematics and Statistics
University:Bowling Green State University
Term:Fall 2007
  • Provided That
  • The Newspaper
  • Cost of Production
  • Manipulation
  • Production Level
  • Discontinuous
  • Answer Questions
  • Marginal Cost
  • Purchasing Power
  • Differentiation
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Sample Document Text

Exam 1 Math 126 Name: 100 points Fall 2007 Class time: Score: September 17, 2007 Instructor: Directions: To receive credit, you must not only have the correct answer, but also show the correct work, where appropriate. Label answers when appropriate. 1. (2 points each) Use P(x) = (x + 1)(x?4)(x?4)(x + 5) to answer the (a)-(e). Circle True or False. If you circle False, justify your reasoning. (a) True or False: P(x) is continuous. (b) True or False: P(x) has two vertical asymptotes. (c) True or False: P(3) > 0 for ?5 < x < ?1. (d) True or False: There is a horizontal asymptote at y = 1. (e) True or False: lim x?4P(x) does not exist. 2. (3 points) The Underground, a college newspaper, sells for 85 cents per copy. The cost of pro- ducing x copies of an edition is given by C(x) = 70 + 0.10x + 0.001x2 dollars. (a) Determine the revenue function R(x). (b) Determine and simplify the profit function P(x). 3. (8 points) The purchasing power P, of the 1983 dollar, can be modeled by P(t) = 3.818e?0.050...

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