Lecture Notes for GLY 130 - DINOSAURS & DISASTERS with Greb at Kentucky (UK)

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Material Type:Study Guide
Subject:Geological Sciences
University:University of Kentucky
Term:Fall 2008
  • Crustal Rebound
  • Barrel Chest
  • Ambulocetus
  • Base of Skull
  • Equatorial Regions
  • Polar Regions
  • Sense of Smell
  • After Birth
  • Behind (of)
  • Adaptive Radiation
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Exam 3 Study Guide Cretaceous Carnivores • Raptor means Dromaeosaurs • Velociraptor ○ Foot Claw ○ Discovered in China ○ Grappling Wrists ○ Worked together in packs ○ Literally means swift robber reptile ○ Movie vs. Fossils  Movie • Dino with frills • Extremely Large  Real • 3 ft tall and 8 ft long with tail ○ Fighting Dinos  The fossil record shows that velociraptors fought other dinosaurs. It was a struggle to compete. Velociraptor was fighting Protoceratops in the preserved specimen. • T-Rex ○ Teeth  Jaws are 5 ft long  60 teeth ranging up to 6 inches long  Could dislocate its jaw ○ Bone injuries  T-Rex has many holes in bones that are from infections  Regrowth is common in spots where the bone was cut  Most skulls have bite marks within them ○ Bone CAT scans  Thick heavy skull with large holes behind eyes  Large area for muscle attachment and powerful bite  Modern CT scans used on skulls show that the brain had a great sense of smell and g...

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