Past Exam for ANTH 153 - Evolutionary Medicine with Sullivan at Cal State-Sacramento (CSUS)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam 2
Class:ANTH 153 - Evolutionary Medicine
University:California State University - Sacramento
Term: 2008
  • Evolutionary Medicine
  • Evolutionary Theory
  • Evolutionary Ecology
  • Short Essay
  • Evolutionary
  • Instructions
  • Principle 5
  • The Medicine
  • Evolutionary Perspective
  • Differences
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Study Guide for ANTH 153 Exam Two The test format is written paragraph/short essay answers. The instructions that will appear on the test are at the end of the guide. All exam questions will be drawn from the lecture material and class discussion with reference to the required readings. To prepare for the test make sure that you understand, or even better, that you can provide a written answer to the following issues/statements: 1. Define the terms "novelty" and "mismatch" with reference to differences between contemporary and ancestral diets (paleolithic nutrition). Describe two aspects of ancestral diet that are markedly different to contemporary "modern" diets. Discuss how these temporal dietary differences affect current health problems. 2. Human antibodies are highly variable. Briefly describe two types of human antibodies, and discuss the evolutionary processes leading to genetic variability in the human immune response. 3. Infectious diseases have been a significant selection pressure on...

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