Past Exam for MTHSC 207 - MULTI-VAR CALCULUS at Clemson (Clemson)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam 3
University:Clemson University
Term:Spring 2009
  • Contour Graph
  • Inconsistency
  • Market Research
  • Temperature
  • Following Question
  • Interpretation
  • Manufacturer
  • Air Temperature
  • The Ice Cream
  • Market Analysis
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Sample Document Text

MthSc 207 Test 3 - Version B - KEY Spring 2009 The first part of this test consists of 14 multiple choice questions. Each question has one correct answer. Using a #2 pencil, bubble in the letter of the response that best answers each question on your scantron. For your own record, circle your responses, and note that on this portion, only the scantron answers will be graded. Each question is worth 3% for a total of 42% of the test grade. _______________________________________________________________________________ 1. Given ( ), = yf x y x , find xf . a. ln | |=xf y x b. 2?= ?xf x c. 2?= ?xf yx d. 1?=xf yx _______________________________________________________________________________ 2. The demand for a gas guzzling car is given by ( ),D c g cars where c dollars is the price of the car and g dollars is the price of a gallon of gas. Which one of the following statements is the most reasonable? a. 0 and 0? ?>

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