Past Exam for 0509 211 - Introduction To Ethics at RIT (RIT)

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Material Type:Final
Class:0509 211 - Introduction To Ethics
University:Rochester Institute of Technology
Term:Fall 2008
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Ethics Name ______________________________ Course No. 0509.211.01 Fall 2008 Mr. Robison Final II. Respond to the following. This is meant to summarize what you have learned from the course about the three different ethical theories we have examined; so you should make your answer as complete as follow. You have just awakened after a dark and stormy night when the rain fell in torrents. You have slept ?tfully and suddenly remember a wild dream you had. God came to you and said, "I have decided to begin the world anew. I screwed up with Adam and then screwed up when I started over with Noah. I can't believe how badly people screw up. So much death and destruction and stupidity and incompetence! Amazing. At any rate, I clearly cannot think about things from the human perspective and so do not know how to create a world in which humans can live in peace and prosperity, respecting one another. Humans are embodied, and I am not, and it apparently makes a huge difference to how they...
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