Past Exam for BIO 160 - General Ecology with Baxter at Cal State-Sacramento (CSUS)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam 2
Class:BIO 160 - General Ecology
Subject:Biological Sciences
University:California State University - Sacramento
Term:Spring 2006
  • Separate Islands
  • Survivorship Curve
  • Survivorship
  • K-Strategist
  • Populations
  • Evolutionary Arms Race
  • The Independent
  • Terrestrial
  • Characteristics of Life
  • Individuals
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Sample Document Text

1 EXAM #2 PRACTICE QUESTIONS 1. The following diagram represents four sub-populations (ovals A - D) that make up a metapopulation; R o is their corresponding net reproductive rates. The lines connecting the populations represent potential migration routes of individuals from one sub-population to another. a) Which sub-population is most likely to supply individuals to other sub-populations? A B C D (CIRCLE ONE) Explain your answer b) If migration were restricted among each of the sub-populations, which sub-population would be most susceptible to local extinction? A B C D (CIRCLE ONE) Explain your answer c) Speculate on two factors that, over long periods of time, could act to genetically isolate one or more of these subpopulations. d) Explain the difference between the source-sink and landscape metapopulation models. A (R o = 0.9) D (R o = 0.8) B (R o = 1.4) C (R o = 1.1...

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