Past Exam for FINA 4400 - Financial Markets and Institutions with Ren at North Texas (UNT)

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Material Type:Mid-Term
Class:FINA 4400 - Financial Markets and Institutions
University:University of North Texas
  • Depository Institutions
  • Commercial Paper
  • Immediately
  • Profitability
  • Institutions
  • Intermediary
  • Conjunction
  • Credit Unions
  • Required Reserves
  • Financial Institutions
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FINA 4400 Review Questions: Midterm Exam 1 Note: Review meant to be used in conjunction with assigned homework problems and additional examples. Chapter 1 1. Money markets trade securities that: I. mature in one year or less II. have little chance of loss of principle III. must be guaranteed by the federal government A. I only B. II only C. I and II only D. I and III only E. I, II and III 2. Depository institutions (DIs) play an important role in the transmission of monetary policy from the Federal Reserve to the rest of the economy because A. Loans to corporations are part of the money supply B. Bank and thrift loans are tightly regulated C. U.S. DIs compete with foreign financial institutions D. DI deposits are a major portion of the money supply E. Thrifts provide a large amount of credit to finance residential real estate 3. Financial intermediaries (FIs) can offer savers a safer, more liquid investment than a capital market security, even though the intermediary invests in risky illiquid instruments beca...

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