Past Exam for PHYS 2020 - GENERAL PHYSICS 2 at Colorado (CU)

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Material Type:Exam
University:University of Colorado - Boulder
  • Induced Current
  • Immediately
  • Straight Wire
  • Rectangular
  • Demonstration
  • Transmission
  • Attractive Force
  • Magnet Field
  • In the Evening
  • Transformer
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Chapter 21 Concept Tests. Q21-1 In which situation is the magnetic flux through the loop the smallest? (A) Don't vote A! A-buttons are unreliable. (B) (C) (D) area 2A edge-on constant uniform B-field area A face-on area A tilted 60o Q21-2. A loop of wire is sitting in a uniform, constant magnet field. Suddenly, the loop is bent into a smaller area loop. During the bending of the loop, the induced current in the loop is ... B) zero C) clockwise D) counterclockwise B(in) B(in) Hey! Don't vote A! Answer: The flux is decreasing as the loop area decreases. To fight the decrease, we want the induced B to add to the original B. By the right hand rule (version II) , a clockwise induced current will make an induced B into the page, adding to the original B. Clockwise. Q21-3. A bar magnet is positioned below a horizontal loop of wire with its North pole pointing toward the loop. Then the magnet is pulled down, away from the loop. As viewed from above, is the induced current in the loop clockwise or counter...

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