Past Exam for BMGT 220 - PRIN ACCOUNTING I with Hardy at Maryland (UMD)

Exam Information

Material Type:Final
Subject:Business and Management
University:University of Maryland
Term:Spring 1999
  • Trade Allowance
  • Immediately
  • Insurance Expense
  • Preemptive Right
  • Cornman Stock
  • Paid-in Capital
  • Appropriation
  • Stock Dividend
  • S Corporation
  • Corporation
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Sample Document Text

Instructions: SSN: ______________________ __ BMGT220 :\CCOL~TING PRJ?-;CIPLES [ H.ARDY FINAL EX.-\" 'v! SPRJ);G 1995 1. Please fill in your name and SOCIal security number on your answer sheet and darken the spaces Deneath. I Please take a moment and be sure that you haveB numbered pages containing a tOtal of forry (40) multiple-choice questions. 3. Your answer sheet will computer read and you must use a #2 pencil only. Do not fold or bend your answer sheet. ' 4. The proctor will ~OT answer any questions. 5 You should assume a calendar yeli end . December 31) unless the question states otherwise. 6. Tnis IS a multiple choice exam. P:ease answer each question wiLD the BEST choice 3.mong the alternatives. 3. You have one hour and 55 rninutes to complete the exam. Small silent battery :::pe:-3.ted c::U"'::1i3.tcrs lie permitted. You sust present::. ;;CC'C :~entlr:c3.tlcr. ',,,hen ll.J.IT'ins 1n your exam. Both ~;dS r-list ;Jage '~C', e::- sheet ::,;,d::.:-: s',ver shee...

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