Past Exam for ENT 156 - Bio Of Paras at UC Davis (UCD)

Exam Information

Material Type:Mid-Term
Class:ENT 156 - Bio Of Paras
University:University of California - Davis
  • Toxocara Cati
  • Ancylostoma Caninum
  • Biological Vectors
  • Intermediate Host
  • Particularly
  • Toxocara Canis
  • Male Reproductive
  • Correct Responses
  • Female Reproductive System
  • Definitive Host
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Sample Document Text

ENT156 Practice Midterm Exam#1 questions Multiple Choice and True/False questions 1. The class Adenophorea includes nematodes that are: a) free-living, b) plant parasites, c) vertebrate parasites, d) "a, b, and c", e) no correct answers given 2. A host within which a parasite (such as a nematode) reaches sexual maturity and reproduces is known as: a) paratenic host, b) intermediate host, c) heteroxenous host, d) definitive host, e) monoxenous host 3. Which of the following diseases is NOT caused by nematodes of the superfamily Ascaridoidea: a) anisakiasis, b) lymphatic filariasis, c) ascariasis, d) onchocerciasis, e) "b and d" 4. Nematode parasites of animals and plants are estimated to comprise approximately what percentage of all nematode species (including both described and undescribed species)? a) 10, b) 15, c) 25, d) 40, e) 65 5. The opening of the female reproductive system is called the: a) cloaca, b) vulva, c) uterus, d) amphid, e) phasmid 6. The stage of Wuchereria bancrofti that ...

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