Past Exam for CSC 150 - Foundations of Comp Science at Concordia University - Wisconsin (CUW)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam
Class:CSC 150 - Foundations of Comp Science
Subject:Computer Science
University:Concordia University - Wisconsin
  • Instructions
  • Information Processing
  • Arithmetic Operations
  • Information
  • Capabilities
  • Calculators
  • Abstraction
  • Data Representation
  • Comparisons
  • Productivity
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Study guide for the Unit One Exam in CSC 150 Watch out for “diapause” (a period of physiologically enforced dormancy between periods of activity) while studying for this exam! Computer science is the study of problem solving, and computers are tools for solving problems. A computer solves problems by processing data into information. A computer is H/W and S/W, and it can: 1) Input data (Data: raw facts input to the computer) 2) Produce output information (Information: processed data) The goal of information processing is to convert input data into useful output information. 3) Store “stuff” (like S/W, data, information) 4) Perform arithmetic operations (Such as adding, subtraction, multiplying, etc.) 5) Perform logical operations (Comparisons such as greater than, less than, equal to, etc.) Logical operations are much more important than arithmetic operations The power of a computer is performing logical operations. Together, arithmetic and logical operations are “processing” The goal of informati...

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