Past Exam for CHEM 135 - GEN CHEM FOR ENGINEERS with DeVoe at Maryland (UMD)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam 1
University:University of Maryland
Term:Fall 1997
  • Gas Density
  • Different Isotopes
  • Useful Information
  • Work Through
  • Temperature
  • Final Answers
  • Atomic Weight
  • Stock Solution
  • Homogeneous
  • Configuration
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Sample Document Text

CHEM 133 (Prof. DeVoe) YOUR NAME (printed) Exam 1 Version B October 1, 1997 YOUR SECTION NUMBER 61 Circle the name of your TA: Nicole Paul Rama Sam Saurabh Shujian Ye This exam has a total of 100 points. Please make sure you have all fiv~ pages. A suggestion: To conserve time, first work through the exam relatively quickly and complete the items about which you are reasonably sure. Then go back to items that require more time and thought. Do not write in this space 1-10 __ 120 11 ___ /8 12 __ 12 13 __ /4 15 ___ 14 16 __ 112 l7 ___ 110 18 ___ 112 19 __ 112 20 ___ 112 TOTAL ____ )100 (Possibly) useful information: o DC = 27~tI5 K R := 0.08206 L atrnlK mol 1 atm = 760 mmH;g PART I. Ten multiple-choice questions (2 pts each, 20 pts total). Write the letter (A, B, etc.) of the one hest answer for each question on the line at the right. 1. In chemistry, a solution is defined as A) a homogeneous mixture B) a liquid that contains water C) an element D) a compoUlnd 2. The atomic mas...

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