Past Exam for SOC 1004 - Introductory Sociology with Hughes at Virginia Tech (VT)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam
Class:SOC 1004 - Introductory Sociology
University:Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University
Term:Spring 2001
  • Cultural Degradation
  • Acting Crowd
  • Conventional Crowd
  • Casual Crowd
  • Periphery Regions
  • Expressive Crowd
  • Deindividualization
  • Contagion Theory
  • Global City
  • Reputational Method
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Sample Document Text

j. ~ .. ~ ..... '.' , ;., I' I ,. Introductory Sociology Final Exam-Spring 200 1 Professor Mkhael Hugbes (1) Answers MUST be marked on your op-scan. (2) Your SSN MUS~ be 00 your op-scao. Mark the BEST answer on your opscan form. There are 100 questions. I. According to the textbook, __ is the notion that development depends on the clash of contradictions and the subsequent creation of new, more advanced structures. I. economic determinism (2) dialectical materialism '-f. class differentiation 4. social fact 2. In the U.S., large-scale bureaucratic organizations provide illegal goods and services that are in public demand. This activity is: I. white-collar crime 2. juvenile crime 3. crime committed by government (!) organized crime 3. According to the lecture, __ is commonly credited with being the founder of sociology, and having coined the term as well. I. Karl Marx 2. Harriet Martineau 3. Herbert Spencer e Auguste Comte 4. Functionalists ar...

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