Past Exam for STA 215 - Introductory Applied Statistics at Grand Valley State (GVSU)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam 1
Class:STA 215 - Introductory Applied Statistics
University:Grand Valley State University
Term:Spring 2006
  • The Independent
  • Assumptions
  • Independence
  • Variability
  • Standardized
  • Dependent Variable
  • Standardized Residual
  • In Front Of
  • In Front (of)
  • Mean Difference
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Sample Document Text

1 STA215--------WINTER2006 SUMMARYofConfidenceInterval&HypothesisTestingonSPSS Datafromn=173collegestudentsintwodifferentstatisticsclasses.Oneclasswasforstudentsnotintheliberal arts(n=148),whiletheotherclasswasforstudentsintheliberalarts(n=25).Thedatawerecollectedinthe Springquarterof2000.(Source:Utts|HeckardMindsonStatistics,2ndEdition) Therearetwelvecolumnsofdata: Column Name Description C1 Sex MaleorFemale C2 TV Hoursspentwatchingtelevisioneachweek. C3 computer Hoursspentatacomputereachweek. C4 Sleep Hoursofsleeppreviousnight. C5 Seat Typicalclassroomseatlocation(1=Front2=Middle3=Back) C6 alcohol Numberofalcoholicbeveragesconsumedeachweek C7 Height Self-reportedheight,inches C8 momheight Mother'sheight,inches C9 dadheight Father'sheight,inches C10 exercise Hoursspentexercisingeachweek C11 GPA Student'sGPA C12 class LiberalArtsorNonLiberalArts NOTE: Complete ...

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