Lecture Notes for MATH 241 - Statistical Applications at St. Mary's (SMC)

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Material Type:Note
Class:MATH 241 - Statistical Applications
University:Saint Mary's College
Term: 1990
  • Individual Sampling
  • Correct Method
  • Below
  • Under
  • The Independent
  • Assumptions
  • Relationship
  • Determination
  • Variability
  • No Correlation
  • Maintenance
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Simple Linear Regression Regression expresses a relation used to predict one variable, called the response variable (or \dependent" variable { often called y), from other variables, called predictors (or \independent" variables { often called x1;x2;:::;xk ), and provides us with an equation to make this prediction. The regression equation that we calculate is descriptive of the sample (like sample mean, like sample standard deviation); we use various inference methods to see the extent to which we believe the description carries over to the population from which the sample is drawn. A sample question This table represent a sample of ten trucks; for each, we have with the age in years and the annual maintenance cost. We want to nd a linear equation, using this information, which most closely describes (\predicts") the [average] maintenance cost of a truck, based on its age. [Notice how the language tells us the 'predictor" is age and the 'response" (\predicted") is cost. Truck age cost number (yea...

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