Past Exam for PHY 1114L - General Physics I Laboratory with McEntire at Central Okalhoma (UCO)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam 1
Class:PHY 1114L - General Physics I Laboratory
University:University of Central Oklahoma
Term:Fall 2010
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PHY 1114 General Physics I CRN: 10064 Name ____________________________ __ Date: September 20, 2010 Exam 1 Clearly show all work for full credit. 1. When the outdoor emergency warning siren at Cheryl's school was tested, the sound from the siren took 7.0 s to reach her house located 2.40 km from the school. What is the speed of sound in air? (5 pts) A) 240 m/s (B))340 m/s '-C)' 440 m/s D) 540 m/s E) 640 m/s d \1-- - t V= 2.4D'iID~ 2. Which graph in the figures below represents an object traveling with a constant non- zero velocity? (2 pts) a) :1\"\"\" ----- c) :~ t A) Graph a B) Graph b @ Graph c D) Graph d E) Both graphs c and b b) d) ~ ...... 1 --.1...-- 3 . It is possible to have zero acceleration, and still be moving (2pts) . (j2rrue VJA- - i B) False (} V - L 0 VI s ? 4. A car is stopped at a red traffic light When the light ...
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