Past Exam for STA 3111 - Statistics I at Florida International (FIU)

Exam Information

Material Type:Final
Class:STA 3111 - Statistics I
University:Florida International University
  • Definitions
  • Probabilities
  • Confidence Level
  • Relationship
  • The Independent
  • Distribution
  • Point Estimate
  • Interpretation
  • Large Sample
  • Understanding
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STA - 3111 Review for Final Exam The Exam is on Friday, Dec 12 at 12 Noon. The exam is cumulative will cover everything covered in class from Chapter I to Section 8.5. The exam will be divided into two sections, a closed book part worth roughly 30% of the grade and an open book part worth roughly 70% of the grade. THE EXAM WILL HAVE A TWO HOUR TIME LIMIT - IT WILL END AT 2 PM. For the Open Book Part: This part will have 3-4 problems similar to your homework problems, examples in class and problems on the quiz. Each problem will have 2-3 parts. This part will cover only chapters 6, 7 and 8. For the Closed Book Part: This part will be made up of fill in the blanks, true/false, multiple-choice -type problems. You will be tested on definitions and the basic understanding of concepts for this part. As before, know all possible definitions for this part and be prepared to do simple calculations. This part will also focus on the new material, but not as much as t...

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