Past Exam for COMS 2300 - Public Speaking at Texas Tech (TTU)

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Material Type:Final
Class:COMS 2300 - Public Speaking
University:Texas Tech University
Term:Fall 2010
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Public Speaking Review Ch. 16 (5 questions) 1. One device that a speaker can make a lasting impression with oral language through use of rhythm Is called what? 2. The literal dictionary definition of a word is its Alliteration 3. When people disagree about the meaning of a word they are arguing about the words Denotive Meaning Connotive Meaning 4. ?His lies are a house of cards.? What technique is this? . 5. Forms of expressions that make striking comparisons and help listeners visualize, identify with, and understand ideas are called what? Mixed Metaphor Figures of Speech Ch. 17 (6 questions) ?Methods of delivery 1. The method of delivery that is most flexible for the speaker and is preferred by the audience is what? 2. The word impromptu means? Extemporaneous 3. Speaking from memory is unpracticed, spontaneous, or improvised 4. Speaking from a manuscript is Oratory (word for word) 5. A speaker can feel confident that his/her del...
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