Past Exam for MATH 140 - Calculus I with Berg at Maryland (UMD)

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Material Type:Exam 1
Class:MATH 140 - Calculus I
University:University of Maryland
Term:Fall 1992
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Sample Document Text

Math 140 Exam #1 Sep 30,1992 Professor: Berg Assistants: Al-Khal, Gurski, Li Your name Instructions: Circle the name of your assistant on the front sheet. Write your own name at the top of every sheet. vVork each problem in the space provided (if more space is needed, work on the back of the same sheet, and clearly indicate that such work is to be considered as part of your solution). When calculation is needed, you must show that calculation as part of your solution. If such calculation is not shown, an answer may not be given credit even if it is correct. Present your work as clearly as you can. An incorrect answer may receive partial credit if the approach is correct and if we can figure out what you have done. Caution: You must neither g;ive nor receive help of any kind from another student during this exam. If a question arises, summon a proctor. 1.(30 points, 15 per part) Calculate the exact value of each of the following limits: 1 . y'x - 2 a. 1m -'-- x-+4 X - 4 b 1 ...

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