Past Exam for FINA 4400 - Financial Markets and Institutions with Ren at North Texas (UNT)

Exam Information

Material Type:Final
Class:FINA 4400 - Financial Markets and Institutions
University:University of North Texas
  • Red Herring Prospectus
  • Registration Statement
  • Conventional Mortgage
  • Outstanding Stock
  • Provided That
  • Primary Market
  • Conventional
  • Outstanding
  • Intermediary
  • Financial Intermediary
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Sample Document Text

Name ____________________________________ FINANCIAL MARKETS AND INSTITUTIONS FINA 4400 Final Exam INSTRUCTIONS: Put your name on both your test and the scantron. Only the answers on the scantron will be graded for Section I. When you have completed your test, turn in both the test and scantron and sign out on the sheet provided in the front of the classroom. Multiple choice. Answer all 37 questions on the provided scantron. Each question is worth 2.7027027 points. (100 total points) 1. Which of the following are money market instruments? A. Negotiable CDs B. Common stock C. T-bonds D. 4 year maturity corporate bond E. A, B and C are money market instruments 2. The preliminary version of a security offer that is circulated to potential buyers before SEC approval (registration) is obtained is called a A. Final prospectus B. Shelf registration statement C. Due diligence draft D. Waiting period offer E. Red herring prospectus 3. Of the following, the most recent derivative security innovations are A. Foreign curr...

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