Past Exam for BSC 1010 - Principles of Biology I at Florida Keys Community College (FKCC)

Exam Information

Material Type:Final
Class:BSC 1010 - Principles of Biology I
Subject:Biological Sciences
University:Florida Keys Community College
Term:Fall 2003
  • Natural Sciences
  • Performance
  • Imaginative
  • Behind (of)
  • Assumptions
  • Imagination
  • Perspective
  • Personal Development
  • Experiences
  • Populations
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Sample Document Text

1 An integral component of responding to the diverse and changing needs of FKCC's constituency is to provide quality and comprehensive General Education. General Education at FKCC is designed to help students achieve their academic, career, and life-long goals. Acquiring knowledge, thinking critically, and utilizing the methodologies of various disciplines exposes students to experiences that serve to advance their personal growth. Therefore, it is important to assess whether FKCC's General Education program, this critical component of the students' academic and personal development, is successful in helping students achieve. Annually, objectives are established to assess General Education in the areas of reading, mathematics, critical thinking/problem-solving, social and behavioral sciences, humanities/fine arts, communication, computer skills, cultural awareness, and natural sciences. Results from these assessments are used to identify student success and to discover opport...

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