Past Exam for BSCI 106 - PRIN BIOL II with Forseth at Maryland (UMD)

Exam Information

Material Type:Final
Subject:Biological Sciences Program
University:University of Maryland
Term:Fall 1996
  • Intersexual
  • Intersexual Selection
  • Regurgitate
  • R-Selection
  • Differences
  • Populations
  • Multiregional Model
  • Immediately
  • Exploitation Competition
  • Interbreeding
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Sample Document Text

cgstr lU~ BIOL 106 NAME PRINCIPLES OF BIOLOGY II DR. FORSETH ---'--- LAB SECTION FINAL FALL 1996 T.A. NAME SS# (150) A. Multiple Choice. Circle the letter or letters that best answer the question, fit the phrase, or complete the sentence. MORE THAN ONE ANSWER IS POSSIDLE, ANI) NO ANSWER MAY BE POSSmLE. 1. The history of life on earth ; a. is characterized by an extremely long history of unicellular life, with eucaryates and multicellular forms appearing long after the earth was formed. b. is characterized by a gradual, even buildup of diverse life forms through time, with few extinctions of existing forms, resulting in the diverse earth we see today. c. is characterized by ;~epeated evolution of some body plans and life forms, such as coral-like reefs and the crocodile body plan. 2. The evolution of life from inanimate matter is hypothesized to have occurred over 3.68 billion years before present. Some of the conditions on earth at this time that may have increased the ...

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