Past Exam for INTB 3352 - The Politics of Globalization with Le at Houston (UH)

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Material Type:Mid-Term
Class:INTB 3352 - The Politics of Globalization
Subject:(International Business)
University:University of Houston
Term:Fall 2010
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WEEK 2 LECTURE OUTLINES FOR ?Transforming Today?s Students into Tomorrow?s Global Citizens? (The article is in Week 13 Folder) 1. Define global citizenship and explain the three main aspects of global citizenship. (p.6 & 18) ? Fostering an awareness of how the world works. i. Rights ? in 21 century individuals have rights (human rights) st ii. Identity ? multiple identities (ex: American, Hindu, born in middle east) iii. Duty ? global ethics and civic participation 2. What is global competency and are US undergraduate students prepare to undertake the challenges of a globalized environment? (p.7) ? Global competency i. No ? only 1% study abroad and only 8% take foreign language courses 3. What should be taught to students regarding global citizenship? (p.6 &8) ? Learn experience of others ? Global institutions (like UN) can foster global citizenship but are funded by local governments like US (protects rights) ? NGO (non government associ...
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