Past Exam for POLS 1101 - American Government with Haynes at Georgia (UGA)

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Material Type:Exam 2
Class:POLS 1101 - American Government
Subject:Political Science
University:University of Georgia
Term:Spring 2010
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Questions I) The basic structure of congress happened during the Great compromise. It basically balanced the demands of the large states (national representation) against those of the small states (protection for states rights). i. There are two houses. The House of Representatives with seals allocated by population and elected by the citizens. The senate is composed of a fixed two members of each state chosen by popular elections. 1) Bicameral Legislature ii. 25 Years of Age a) Reside in US for at least 7 years b) Limited to server 2 years c) The state legislature determines what district, so a party can make a district that suits to its own preferences. (Gerrymandering) i) Do not have to live in the districts they serve, but in practice they do. ii) Directly elected by the people so they are closer to the people. d) House 1) 30 Years of Age a) Reside in the US for 9 years b) 1/3 of the members stand for reelection every 2 years. ...
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