Past Exam for COMP 112 - INTRO TO COMP & PRG-LOCAL 103 with Goldstein at Wentworth Institute of Technology (WIT)

Exam Information

Material Type:Mid-Term
Subject:Computer Science
University:Wentworth Institute of Technology
  • Line Formula
  • Following Page
  • Vertical Location
  • Transitions
  • Maximum Profit
  • Psychoanalysis
  • The Internet
  • Professional
  • In Front (of)
  • In Front Of
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Sample Document Text

NAME___________________________________________________ Wentworth Institute of Technology Division of Professional and Continuing Studies COMP112 Section 71 – Intro to Computers and Programming - Spring, 2008 Midterm – Open Book – CIRCLE YOUR ANSWERS. THERE IS POSSIBLY MORE THAN ONE CORRECT RESPONSE Part 1 Questions are 5 points each. Part II is 25 points 1. Data Validation in an Excel cell can be done via: A. A drop down list populated from other cells D. specifying text with certain numbers of characters B. A drop down list from a typed list E. data must be typed in a certain format(like xxx-xx-xxxx for a Social Security number) C. A range of dates F. A range of numerical values 2. Which ways allow you to see formulas without changing the functioning of the formula: A. An option in the view menu D. ctl grav, B. Tools/formula auditing/forumula auditing mode E. Displayed in formula bar at top C. By an option in format cell F. putting an apostrophe in front of the equal sign 3. Which ...

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