Past Exam for MGT 3304 - Mgt Th & Lead Pract with Neck at Virginia Tech (VT)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam 3
Class:MGT 3304 - Mgt Th & Lead Pract
University:Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University
Term:Fall 1998
  • Social Learning
  • Effective Communication
  • Social Learning Theory
  • Instrumentality
  • Corporate Culture
  • Juxtaposition
  • Environment
  • The Environment
  • Functions of Management
  • Selective Perception
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Sample Document Text

. VIRGINIA TECH The Pamplin College ofBosiness Mgt. 3304 Management Theory & Leadership Practice Exam 3 Name: Dr. Christopher P. Neck 1998 Fall Semester Form C (1) The out of class exercise entitled "Waiting Tables for Christopher" was specifically . ~ "assigned to help you apply and utilize which management concept? L l (a) communication (b) leadership (tC) social learning theory (a) motivation (e) both band c (2) Cognitive, affective and behavioral components make up collectively: (a) attitudes (b) behaviors ~moods (gYorganizational behavior (e) a, b, and conly (3) Which theory to human behavior (as discussed in class) is the result of a reciprocal influence among the person (P), the environment (E), and the behavior itself (B): (a) person theory (b) environment theory . ~ per~on/envi~onment theory ,d soclalleammg theory e social propensity theory (4) During a recent class, Dr. Neck discussed the failure and later success of Olympic Gold Medal...

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