Past Exam for ISE 3014 - Work Meas & Meth Engr with Lockhart at Virginia Tech (VT)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam 2
Class:ISE 3014 - Work Meas & Meth Engr
Subject:Industrial and Systems Enginee
University:Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University
Term:Fall 2006
  • Work Sampling
  • Rating Scales
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Unauthorized
  • Performance
  • Provided That
  • Observations
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Perspective
  • Acquisition
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Sample Document Text

Fall 2006 T. E. Lockhart ISE 3014 -- SECOND EXAMINATION Examination guidelines: • • • • • • Part I: Closed book / closed notes. Part II: Opened book/ opened notes. Use complete sentences to respond to narrative questions. Use the space provided to answer questions. Please write legibly. Note the weighting on the various problems. Problem Points Actual 1 20 2 10 3 8 4 12 5 10 6 35 7 5 Total 100 Pledge: I neither gave nor received any unauthorized information on or about this examination. (Signature) 1 Part I: Closed Book/Closed Notes 1. True or False (answer T/F beside the letter) – 20 points a. Work Sampling is useful in setting the time standards for jobs that have relatively low or short-cycle and large number of repetitions. False (longer duration) Setting the time standards using the predetermined-time system is based on elemental descriptions and synthesized time variables. True Work Sampling is used to determine the elemental ratios. True Operational-need determination starts...

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