Lecture Notes for PLSC 115 - Comparative Government with Diamond at San Mateo County Community College District Office (SMCCD)

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Material Type:Study Guide
Class:PLSC 115 - Comparative Government
Subject:Political Science
University:San Mateo County Community College District Office
  • Spheres of Influence
  • Open-Door Policy
  • Cultural Revolution
  • The Great Leap Forward
  • Open Door Policy
  • Tiananmen Square
  • Pre-Columbian
  • Great Leap Forward
  • Democratization
  • Colonialism
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PLSC 115 Final Study Guide China Early history Great divergence Colonialism—Open door policy and spheres of influence Founding of ROC and PRC Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution Nixon and China Economic Liberalization Tiananmen Square protest Govt structure Democratization Population Tibet and other ethnicities Environment Hong Kong Taiwan Mexico Pre-Columbian civilizations Conquest Independence 19th century relations with the US Revolution Rise and decline of the PRI Political parties today Economy—“miracle”, NAFTA, poverty Ethnicity Zapatista movement Congress, Presidency, Courts Social Policy Crime Pemex Immigration Plus a few general topics from past parts of the class, and from class presentations ...

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